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Bamboo Capped Glass and Stainless Steel Tea Infuser | 350ml-500ml

These bamboo capped glass and stainless steel tea infusers come in 4 different sizes ranging from 350ml capacity to 500ml. They are ideal for loose leaf tea helping you cut down on plastic as most tea bags are made of or contain plastic. They are perfect if you like making your own tea too, maybe get a mint plant for your garden they are easy to look after and make beautiful tea. You can use this infuser to infuse your tea and pour it into another mug or flask for drinking or just drink straight from the infuser itself. Be careful not to pour boiling water straight into glassware if the glassware is cold as the sudden temperature change may cause the glass to shatter, warm up the glass first or gradually pour the boiling water in. These tea infusers have been made with thick strengthened glass to withstand the heat but you can never be too careful. The best thing about this tea infuser? No plastic!