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Junkmail can be extremely irritating, fortunatly you can drastically reduce the amount of junkmail you receive...


By, Gavin Whale | Date: 03/06/2017 | Updated: 02/07/17

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Fun Facts:

Junkmail accounts for 14.5 billion messages worldwide on a daily basis. Junkmail makes up 45% of all emails sent and recieved.

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Junk emails can be extremely irritating, luckily you can drastically reduce the amount you receive. As with most things by far the best method to reduce the amount of junk emails or spam you collect in the first place, is prevention. If you have an existing email you wish to keep there is still hope, it will just be more time consuming to combat that wretched junk email.


cyber secuity

Avoid having your email address available publically online.

Websites that publically display the email addresses of their users are often targeted by people who want to send spam or use other peoples email addresses so that they can use them for themselves, a common example of this is people using email addresses to claim sign up offers.

If you have to post your email address somewhere make it non-scannable.

In some instances you may have to publically post your email address so that people can contact you. When you do this you can avoid writing your email in a way that robots can gather it, so as an example instead of writing "" you could write "yourname(at)email(dot)com". You can make it even harder for robots to gather your email by taking a picture of your email address and posting that instead of typing it.

Do not have a matching username to your email address.

Some spammers know that there are a considerable amount of people that make this mistake and will just send out emails to usernames with the combinations of common services, so,, username@gmail...ect.

Use a separate email address for sources of spam.

You probably know the sources of some of your spam, filter them out by signing up to new things with a disposable email, if you do not deem it necessary to be up to date with those emails. You could go back and change the email address on certain accounts and services to this disposable email address. Then keep a main email address for things you deem important such as bank accounts, work, billing... ect.

Never verify your email address to spam.

If you receive an email that is obviously spam do not be tempted to click "Unsubscribe" or reply to the email as this will tell the spammers that your email address is a valid and working one. This will only lead to more spam being sent it is best to delete, mark as spam or report the spam.

Blocking and Reporting spam.


If you notice any spam that has not been automatically sent to the spam folder you can report the spam by clicking the box to the left hand side of the email, then the report spam button should appear above the mail list.

gmail spam


Yahoo usually has a strong spam filter but if some spam fails to be sent to the spam folder you can block and report the spam by ticking the box next to the email and clicking the spam button on the toolbar above. You can also add certain senders and domains to a blocked list so you will not receive emails from them any longer, however it is important to remember that spammers often change their email, it is advised that you report the spam so that Yahoo can better configure their spam filter.

yahoo spam


When you first set up Outlook it has its' spam filter turned down low, this can be adjusted by pressing the home tab and then selecting Junk. Once you have done this go to Junk email options, from here you can adjust the spam filter.

You can report scam emails directly to Outlook by ticking the box next to the suspected email and by going to the top toolbar and selecting junk. From here you have to options, mark the email as junk or as a phishing scam.

outlook spam

Andriod mobile email app

android email

As soon as you load up your email with all the emails displaying, press the edit button at the top of the screen.

android email 2

Tick the box next to the spam email you wish to mark as spam.


A drop down menu should appear, select register as spam.

Mobile Gmail email app

mobile gmail

As soon as you load up your email with all the emails displaying, press and hold on the spam email you wish to report as spam.

gmail 2

The circle to the left of the email should turn grey with a white tick to display that this email as been selected. Press the icon, that appears as 3 white dots in a line, to the top right of your screen.

mobile gmail

A drop down menu should appear, select report spam.

The battle against spam

If you find spam absolutely enraging and you want to fight against it there is the Federal Trade Commission, if you forward any spam you receive to them via the spammer could be charged $500 per email, if proven guilty.

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