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1pcs Natural Coconut Palm Plant Pot Cushion | Coir Fibre

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Coconut fibre, or coir, is a natural waste product which is produced when processing coconuts. Unlike peat moss, coir fibre is a renewable resource. 

Adding coir fibre to your soil is a great way to increase aeration, help promote good drainage, and increase water retention. It also helps to deter pests!

Coir fibre also contains a polymer called lignin that stops rotting, so it makes for an especially healthy, long lasting mulch!


Type: Flower pot cushion

Material: Natural coconut palm

Application scenarios: home furnishings, greening projects, hotels, offices, flower garden nursery 

Production method: Manual

Color: Natural Coir

Size: A (round diameter 20cm), B (round diameter 25cm), C (round diameter 30cm), D (round diameter 35cm), E (round diameter 40cm), F (round diameter 45cm) G (round diameter 50cm)

Weight: A (25g) B (30g) C (35g) D (40g) E (45g) F (50g) G (55g)

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