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200 Count 100% Plant-Based Compostable Colorful Straws-KTOB Biodegradable Flexible Drinking Straws - A Fantastic Eco Friendly Alternative to Disposable Plastic Bendable Plasticless Straws

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Brand: KTOB


  • Originated from Nature: BPA free, Petrochemicals free, no microplastics and no pollution. Made of PLA and modified corn starch in accordance with the standards of ASTM 6400, EN13432, BPI(CERT# 10529115) and OK COMPOST. This material represents a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional plastics.
  • A Fantastic Alternative to Plastic Drinking Straws: Say no to soggy and collapsed straws, you will no longer worry about how long will this disposable straw lasting. Our compostable straws are sturdy, thick and as convenient as regular disposable bendy straws. They offer a far better mouthfeel than most sustainable straws like paper and metal straws.
  • Clean Production Process: From raw materials to the final products’ output, the entire production process is completed in a closed plant under the “GMP” standards. Ensure that every disposable eco friendly straws that reaches your hand is absolutely hygienic.
  • Multi-use: 8 1/4 inch recyclable straws are long enough to fit most cups, such as medium tumblers, glass and zip-top cans. These plasticless flexible straws are excellent for birth day parties, bridal showers, cocktail party, open bar and more.
  • Please Note: 200 count biodegradable colorful straws with the size of 8 1/4 inch* 1/4 inch ( 210mmx6mm ). Recommended for drinks below 150 °F (65°C). Store them in a cool and dry place at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight. Shelf life: 12 mouths.

Details: Plasticless 100% Compostable Colorful Drinking Straws, A Fantastic Non-plastic Straws. They are made of materials such as modified corn starch and PLA. The maximum heat-resisting temperature of this plant-based straw is 150 °F. Composting is the process of breaking down organic waste by microbial digestion to create compost. Our straws meet all the requirements in the European Norm EN 13432 and/or the US Standard ASTM D6400. Both specifications require that biodegradable/compostable products completely decompose in a composting setting in a specific time frame, leaving no harmful residues behind.The proper composting environment is warm, humid, and rich in nutrients and microorganisms, so putting the straw into water or just burying it in the soil can’t quickly complete the entire degradation process. But even in a dry room, they will begin to degrade within 12 months. Please use them as soon as they arrive.

Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 4.8 x 2.7 inches

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