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REusable Paper Towels with Cotton Wash Bag | 24x Zero Waste Gift Set |Homeostasis Living|Eco Friendly Paper Towels, Napkins Cloth Washable Reusable Paper Towel Roll, Paperless Paper Towels, Dish Cloth

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Brand: homeostasis living

Color: Plant Love


  • 🌿 DELUXE, DOUBLE (2-PLY) & LARGER SIZED 11" X 11" ORGANIC COTTON REUSABLE PAPER TOWELS 'PLANT LOVE' (24x ECO GIFT PACK) | BAMBOO STAND SOLD SEPERATELY | Quality, strong & durable washable reusable paper towels with natural eco-friendly dyes | Modern paper towel alternative with designer pattern printed both sides | Handy Tip: Keep a few reusable paper towels spare for decoration (as you can expect some fading of natural colours + minor shrinkage due to natural materials over time!)
  • 🌿 MULTIPURPOSE & REUSABLE TO SAVE MONEY | Reduce use of single-use disposable paper towels and save hundreds with quality, reusable washable paper towels. So many areas you can use them in like: Kitchen, Dining Room, Outdoor Entertaining + Picnics (reusable napkins), reusable cleaning cloths, washcloth, rag, bamboo paper towel + swedish dish clothes alternative, dishcloths, Babies & Children (safe & chemical free), Office/ Workplaces, Laundry, Cars, Handbags + Camping/ Caravans!
  • 🌿 BONUS ORGANIC COTTON WASH BAG + EASY CARE | Simply place your reusable paper towels in the bonus wash bag in a gentle/ normal wash and line dry in sun (prolong the life of the natural materials + colours by avoiding dryers!). Fold or roll back onto a paper towel holder to reuse easily (they are clever and hold their form when rolled onto each other- avoid plastic snaps!) Try with our Natural Bamboo Paper Towel Holder (sold separately on our Homeostasis Living Store on Amazon).
  • 🌿 ECO FRIENDLY, MODERN, BIODEGRADABLE + ZERO WASTE GIFT PACK (24x PACK) | Available sizes: 12x and 24x packs and packaged with 100% recycled paper and plastic free to create a sustainable closed loop system and in eco-friendly bulk sizes to reduce waste.
  • 🌿 ONE TREE PLANTED PRODUCT | Together we plant one tree for every product sold to create the changes we want to see around us | 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you are not satisfied you can return the product as per Amazon guidelines.

Details: “FROM OUR HOME TO YOURS, LET’S WORK TOGETHER TO CREATE THE CHANGES WE WANT TO SEE AROUND US “ ~ Homeostasis Living 🌿 🌿 WHY DO YOU NEED REUSABLE PAPER TOWELS? Ready to make this simple eco-swap and save money too? Did you realise you could be spending hundreds of dollars on disposable paper towels every year? Have you noticed that singe use & disposable paper towels are not a sustainable product? We finally have created a modern yet simple eco-friendly swap with our range of reusable paper towels! Sustainable and stylish! 🌿 WHAT ARE REUSABLE PAPER TOWELS? If you’re new to the reusable paper towel revolution let us explain more! Our designer towels are not only a great way to reduce your single use waste and save money but have your health in mind too. They are also designed to look gorgeous in your home and suit your style! 🌿 OUR ECO-FRIENDLY FEATURES INCLUDE: Deluxe Larger Size 11” x 11” (28 x 28cm) reusable paper towels Organic Materials | GOTS certified organic cotton + natural eco-friendly dyes Quality (2-ply) thicker + multi layer design | enhanced durability, strength + absorption Modern and beautiful designs | printed on both sides Bulk packs available to reduce waste (2x sizes: 12x and 24x packs) Reusable Paper Towels | simply wash and reuse many times Closed Loop, Eco-friendly + Zero Waste Gift set | great for yourself, family + friends! 100% recycled paper packaging, plastic free + biodegradable product | Avoid plastic snaps! Health conscious | reduce chemical exposure and use more natural materials in your home 🌿 GIVING BACK | IMPACT IN OUR COMMUNITY We also care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every product sold.

EAN: 0726667096643

Package Dimensions: 11.5 x 6.0 x 3.9 inches

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