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Five Varieties of Engraved iPhone Cover Wood Casing | Wooden Phone Case

Original natural bamboo case collection

Five Varieties of Engraved iPhone Cover Wood Casing | Wooden Phone Case

Like the wooden mobile phone look? We have tirelessly searched through wooden case manufacturers for the perfect wood effect phone case with a cutting edge wooden phone case design. We found these and offer you five varieties of engraved iPhone cover wood casing. What is fantastic about these phone cases is that each one is just not a wood look phone case but a genuine wooden phone case. To create each wood effect phone case only the highest grade bamboo cherry wood is selected and used.

  • Anchors Pattern Wooden Mobile Cover

    For the lover of anchor phone cases, this wooden mobile cover is perfect. Nautical themed designs will always stand the test of time, so if you are fond of it, do not hesitate to drop anchor, dock your mouse pointer over the buy button, click ahoy, and it will voyage over the seas right to your door.

  • Wooden anchor phone case
  • Wooden cross phone case
  • Cross Pattern Wooden Mobile Cover

    This bamboo carved iPhone case has an original pattern that covered the entirety of the wooden phone case back. If slightly floral patterns and rustic symbols are your thing, then you will probably love this wooden phone case design. So cross it off your wish list and order today.

  • half-flower-wooden-phone-cover

    This wooden phone case design has a henna tattoo style vibe if you disagree and think it looks more like your Grandma's placemats then scroll on. Seriously though this bamboo carved iPhone case is a fresh, unique design sure to impress people, remember to tell them you got it from us, and do not worry they can pick one of the other designs.

  • Wooden half flower phone case
  • Wooden wolf totem phone case
  • Wolf Totem Wooden Mobile Cover

    Guessing you do not want your phone to end up looking "ruff"... Protect it with this tribal pattern wolf wooden phone cover. Yeah sorry about the terrible joke, with a wolf engraved iPhone cover it was impossible to resist. Take a walk on the wild side and order yours now.

  • Skull Pattern Wooden Mobile Cover

    This bamboo carved iPhone case has a Mexican day of the dead skull engraved on the back. This type of design is exceptionally fashionable, with increased popularity due to the type of design featuring more and more in tattoo design. Now the design has found its way onto carved mobile cases so now your phone can be fashionable too.

  • Wooden skull pattern phone case

Important notice to all our customers: We seek out the best products from all corners of the globe at competitive prices. As a result sometimes getting it delivered to your door can take a little time. Please be patient and allow between 2-6 weeks for your order to arrive. If it does not arrive after six weeks, do not hesitate to contact us at and our friendly customer service team will assist in any way they can.

These wooden phone cases are available for iPhone only, models included are:

iPhone 5

iPhone 5S

iPhone SE

iPhone 6

iPhone 6S

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus

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