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3D Print Moon Lamp USB LED Night Light Moonlight | 8-20cm

Moon lamp night light
  • 3D Print Moon Lamp USB LED Night Light Moonlight | 8-20cm

    For all you lovers of space out there or parents with kids who are scared of the dark, this is the product for you. This Moonlight night light is designed to be lifelike with craters and rocks to simulate the surface of the moon.

  • Moon lamp night light
  • Moon lamp
  • The Moon lamp emits a soft calming white light, emulating the soft light of the Moon in a nights sky. Perfect for getting the little ones to sleep or if you just love the feeling of laying under the Stars.

    Unique design, high quality

    - Adds some warm atmosphere at home

    - Energy saving and environmental protection

    - Good items in everyday life

    - NiteCore Extreme, press until the brightness is right for you

Important notice to all our customers: We seek out the best products from all corners of the globe at competitive prices. As a result sometimes getting it delivered to your door can take a little time. Please be patient and allow between 2-6 weeks for your order to arrive. If it does not arrive after six weeks, do not hesitate to contact us at and our friendly customer service team will assist in any way they can.

Product Details:

  • New LED light source, built-in rechargeable battery, touch switch, Promise dimming, two-colour switch, support USB power supply

  • Light colour: yellow and white colour switch

  • Processing technology: FDM-3D printing one moulding

  • Lamp wattage: 0.1w-1.5w

  • Surface accuracy; 12.5um

  • Lifetime: 6H-12H

  • Product material: edible grade degradable PLA

  • Product colour: ivory white

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