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Here at KnowledgeIsKey, we are curious about the world around us. Our aim is simple, we want to share our knowledge and passion, and promote Eco-consciousness by introducing a wide range of Earth-friendly products.


A collection of Eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items. We offer a selection of products chosen especially for you to help you live a little greener by reducing plastic consumption in your daily life.

Natural Homeware

A collection of sustainable substitutes and Earth-friendly furnishings, fixtures and décor to help you live more consciously of your environmental impact.

Green Gifts

A collection of unique gifts, for yourself or a loved one, designed to reduce plastic waste and showcase the beauty and strength of natural materials.

Energy Saving

Reduce the damage dealt to the planet by simply using your energy in a more efficient way – using smart energy saving appliances or renewable energy sources like solar panels is a great way to do it.