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The future is notoriously hard to predict, Nikola Tesla may have predicted the smart phone back in 1926 but he also predicted we would have monkey servants!


Our simple step by step tutorials and guides. They are totally idiot proof, used and tested by you! If you get stuck or confused with one of our tutorials get in contact and we'll guide you through the process.

Renewable Energy

Supplies of fossil fuels are dwindling, some predict they may run out by just 2030! The Earth is warming at a pace never experienced before in the history of the planet.


Here at Knowledge is Key we think the Earth's wildlife is fascinating and there is much that we can learn from observing Mother Earth's creations.

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What causes ocean currents

The World Ocean's waters are in constant movement caused by solar radiation. There are three main types of water movements: wind waves, tides, and ocean currents.

An ocean current is a continuous, directed movement of water that flows throughout the oceans of the Earth. The ocean current is defined as a horizontal flow of sea water through the ocean – just like a massive river flowing in the surface layers of the oceans and seas.

Currents carry large masses of water, some as big as 100 million m3/s – and that's as much as 100 billion litres per second. Their speed varies; the highest known reaches up to 6.2 mph.

Currents are caused by prevailing winds, such as trade and anti-trade winds, (see how are winds formed for more information) blowing from one particular direction over on surface of the Earth, depending on their location.

Factors important in the process of forming an ocean current are also the shape of a coast where the current is forming, and Coriolis force.

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How do tattoos work?

As a person who has tattoos, I often find myself wondering how do tattoos work? When you think about tattoos, you think about how they stay on your body forever. Why are they permanent? And how does the tattooing process work?

When a tattoo artist 'inks' a person's skin, what they are doing is injecting ink, which contains heavy metals, into the skin. Said metals are what give the inks their colour. A few examples of those heavy metals are nickel, which is used for black shading; mercury – red, and lead – which gives yellow, green and white tints. Tattoo artists create their works of art with the help of professional tattoo machines or sometimes using more traditional techniques.

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A guide to the causes, effects and solutions of global warming

For a while now, the subject of global warming and climate change has been one of the most hotly debated topics in the political and scientific communities. Recently this has become the case even more so, due to events such as the Earth passing one of the significant climate change milestones in 2016 and U.S President Donald Trump pulling America out of the Paris Agreement in mid-2017.

Despite all this, a significant majority of people don’t fully understand how global warming works or some of the consequences it may have. Not only this, but there are large groups of people who are skeptical of global warming and those who outright deny that humanmade climate change is real. There are many reasons for this, and in this article, we will describe global warming explained simply, hopefully allowing you to walk away with a better understanding of global warming itself and some of the issues surrounding it as to why it is an often misunderstood phenomenon.

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