Shipping and Returns

Returns Policy

Here we value our customers, without you we cannot operate.

If at any point up to 14 days after your purchase arrives, you will be able to return your purchase. Of course, this is only a viable option if the purchase remains unused and in its original packaging.

Should you decide to return a purchase, we ask that you repack the item(s) in the original shipping box if possible, if not a similar box would be acceptable. If you need advice, assistance or any further questions do not hesitate to speak to one of our team at

Order Processing Times

Generally, it takes 3-5 days for us to process your order and send it on its way.

Depending on where you live, how long you wait for your purchases to arrive will vary.

Important notice to all our customers: We seek out the best products from all corners of the globe at competitive prices. As a result sometimes getting it delivered to your door can take a little time. Please be patient and allow between 2-6 weeks for your order to arrive. If it does not arrive after six weeks, do not hesitate to contact us at and our friendly customer service team will assist in any way they can.

Reasons for Returns

Mistakes happen, and we realise that we will, of course, be apologetic for any mishaps and we will try our utmost to come to a conclusion where you are happy!

Purchase arrived and was not what I expected.

If you receive a product and it does not live up to your expectations you may want to return it. This can be as frustrating for us as it is for you, please do contact us as soon as you can if you feel that you have been misled and bought something that is entirely different to what you thought it would be.

So if a product has false specifications, photographs that do not accurately resemble the actual product or generally poorer quality. Please send us as much evidence as you can, then we can review the evidence and come to a decision, if you are indeed correct we will refund you and ask that you return the product to the supplier. Once you are happy, then we will amend our website to ensure it does not happen to any of our potential future customers.

Purchase arrived, and it was damaged.

Thankfully this is a rare case for return, but it does happen. If you receive your purchase and it arrives damaged, get in touch. We will cover the return shipping fees and ask that you return it to the supplier, just so that they can inspect the item if they need before sending a replacement. Photographic or video evidence of your broken purchase will help your case and if possible keeping them in their original packaging.

I ordered the wrong thing!

Though it pains us to say, at this point in time if you accidentally order the wrong product or variant, there is nothing we can do. An example of this may be you ordered something in the wrong size, we are sorry but at this moment in time full responsibility lies with you to order the correct item. Should an item arrive, that is a different variant to what you ordered then that is when we will accept returns.

I want to return my item for any other reason.

So you received your purchase, and you are unhappy for some other reason than the ones posted above. We might still be able to help, include as much detail as possible and notify us at