Five Surprising Uses for Natural Soap Other Than Washing Yourself

Five Surprising Uses for Natural Soap Other Than Washing Yourself

Five Surprising Uses for Natural Soap Other Than Washing Yourself

Here at Knowledgeiskey we love natural soap, there is no need what so ever for to use all the harsh chemicals and detergents, that are normally in almost all the soaps available at the shops. It turns out that there is even more reason to love natural soap, it has other uses too!

Some of these you may have heard of some maybe not, if you know of more uses for natural soap that we have not included on this list we would love to hear from you.

Use for Natural Soap 1: Prevent Pet Chewing

Prevent your dog from chewing, yes it can be as easy as that, pet owners will know, especially if you have had a puppy that loves chewing furniture and everything else is a hard habit to break. If your notice your pet attempting to chew something or you want to prevent the risk in the first place, rub a bit of natural soap onto the surface of the object and the taste will discourage your pet from chewing instantly.

Use for Natural Soap 2: Lubricate Sewing Needles

Sometimes no matter which needle you try, piercing your sewing needle through some materials can be a real struggle and the force you have to apply even increases the risk of injuring yourself with the needle. Well if you ever find yourself in this situation a really useful hint is to slide the tip of your needle over a bar of natural soap, this lubricates the needle to more easily penetrate the fabric. (If you giggled then perhaps use some natural soap to clean your dirty mind!)

Use for Natural Soap 3: Detect Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can be a huge worry and rightly so, the consequences of not spotting a leak can be fatal. If you smell gas and want to do a quick test as an extra precaution, then rub natural soap along the gas pipes where you thought you may have smelt the gas. If there is a leak the soap will bubble showing that there is a leak. If you do this test but notice no bubbling but you do continue to smell gas call in an expert just in case!

Use for Natural Soap 4: Make Your Shoes Smell Nice

Sometimes some of us take off our shoes and they stink, it is a sad fact of life for some of us. But it does not have to be this way, if you have some scented natural soap, (Like what we sell on our store - shameless marketing we know!) you can put a stop to being the culprit of those smelly shoes. Just wrap a bar of scented natural soap up in a clean cloth or a piece of kitchen roll and leave it in your shoes overnight. Then you never have to fear taking your shoes off ever again.

Use for Natural Soap 5: Stop Your Glasses Steaming Up

For those of us unfortunate enough, like myself, who need glasses to see, they can be really counterproductive when you enter a building and they steam up, therefore blinding you for a considerable period of time. Here is a top tip if you have some natural soap bars to hand, try rubbing the dry soap onto your glasses lenses then wipe the residue away with a clean non fibre cloth or a piece of kitchen roll. This will prevent your glasses steaming up which is especially useful in those winter months.

That concludes our tips and tricks for using natural soap in creative ways, if you do not currently have any natural soap or do not know where to buy it we have some available on our store in a wide variety of scents and they are cheap compare to many other natural soaps available online. We would appreciate the support more than you could imagine. All the soaps on our store are vegan, all natural, fragrance free, plastic free, cruelty free, parabens free and SLS free.

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