Green Job Career Suggestions

Green Job Career Suggestions

Green Job Suggestions

So you are ahead of the curve, you can see that society needs to change and that we need to live more sustainably if we are to preserve the planet for future generations. Almost everywhere you look there is needless waste and this is just because it will cost a tiny fraction more to be less wasteful. However in your work-life it may be the case that in your current position you are powerless to change anything and in order to earn a living you have to accept that and go against your environmental principles? Or maybe you currently do not work, but if you where to work you would want to have an impact that is changing the world for the better, rather than your sole purpose being generating more wealth for the already well off? 

At the time of writing this article, I am in one of those jobs where my purpose is to create wealth as a sole priority, I justify this to myself as I am working hard to educate and inspire my fellow human beings online, I do this by writing content for Knowledgeiskey and sourcing products than can enable us to live our day to day lives with more consideration for the planet and the others than inhabit it. Having a conventional job in the UK does give me valuable insight to how wasteful the vast majority of workplaces are. I hate the waste and the use of single plastics and the fact that many people just do not care in the slightest about the environment, it is almost as if there is a mass denial around what effect we have having on the planet. 

For many people they do long hours at work already, they do not have time to try and offset the failings of their employer to operate their business. Fear not there is a solution! Just join the environmental movement for a living, there are many green jobs out there. I did a quick search on a job search engine site called  Jooble who show results for jobs across many different Job websites and at the time of writing I found some great news! These jobs are not in short supply. Below I have compiled a list of green jobs, I have included how many of these jobs are posted online in the UK and links to these jobs through Jooble.


Recycling Jobs

Recycling jobs 20,000 results 

I have started this list with jobs within the recycling sector, this is because unlike some of the other jobs that appear on this list you can get a job within this industry without specific skills or qualifications. However if you are looking for something higher paid and more skilled do not worry there are jobs that range from operating heavy machinery to managing entire recycling planet operations. 

Recycling Jobs Here


Conservation Jobs

Conservation Jobs 1500 results 

Jobs within conservation are probably the most scarce on this list, but they can be the most rewarding. Jobs range from on the lower end of the scale being a conservation assistance which is normally a part-time low paid job perfect for someone just wanting to bring a little extra income to the household and doing something rewarding and not too intense. On the other end of the scale you have higher paid jobs that require masters level qualifications which could mean you are at the forefront of projects researching and implementing global conservation efforts.

Conservation Jobs Here


National Trust Jobs

National Trust 115,000 results 

For this job suggestion I decided to mention a specific employer rather than an industry, the National Trust are responsible for many sites across the UK and as a result of that they are a huge employer with a large variety of roles on offer, from outdoorsy roles such as park ranger to working in the warmth in a cosy cafe or gift shop. Though 115,000 results appeared on Jooble for National Trust Jobs I think their search engine came back with many results for the separate search terms "national" and "trust" so if you are interested I would suggest looking the job sites individually that allow you to search for specific employers or checking the careers page of the national trust.  

National Trust Jobs Here


Water Quality Technician Jobs

Water Quality Technician 200,000 results 

At entry level Water Quality Technician jobs seem to start at around 20k per year but there are many job postings for these jobs at above 40k per year, this means that this job is ideal for someone who is willing to get the qualifications which vary from role to role, so one role could require testing water for specific bacteria such as legionella therefore requiring that specific qualification or testing for chemicals in general requiring qualifications in that area. To summarise, you are not going to become filthy rich as a water quality technician but the opportunity is there to earn enough to comfortably overcome life's financial obstacles. 

Water Quality Technician Jobs Here


Charity Jobs

Charity Jobs 50,000 results 

A job does not necessarily have to be environmental to be ethical, there are a wide range of jobs available working for charities. You do have to be careful when looking for paid work within this sector though as there are many marketing companies that collect money for charities in return for commission, many of these companies employ pyramid scheme structures and unethical practices which see workers working for below minimum wage and forced to work extremely long hours under the pretence that legally they are self employed. Though I am sure they do raise money for certain causes they donate a fraction of what they collect which can be misleading for some people who donate. However this might suit you and commission based income does mean it is technically uncapped and ultimately money is raised for charity that otherwise would not have been raised. Working in charity shops is not just voluntary, there are many job postings advertised that are for charity shop managers who can earn a modest income. There are all sorts other of paid roles available working for charities that I did not expect I suggest looking for yourself. 

Charity Jobs Here


Consultant Jobs

Sustainability Consultant 140,000 results Environmental Consultant 130,000 results 

Consultancy jobs offer a way in a professional capacity to effect how businesses conduct their operations and in these types of roles you really can make a massive difference. The thing with these roles though is you need to prove you know what you are talking about and have had experience in some capacity to do with what you are consulting about. You need to give the impression you an expert in your field so if you want to be a sustainability consultant you need to be the go to guy/gal when it comes to all things sustainable in your company. If you have the relevant skills and qualifications consultancy jobs are rewarding as well as providing decent income. 

Sustainability Consultant Jobs Here

Environmental Consultant Jobs Here


Renewable Energy Jobs

Renewable Energy Jobs 26,000 results 

Renewable energy technologies are becoming cheaper and more efficient across the board and there is lots of pressure on governments to fund sustainable renewable energy solutions and rightly so! This means that this is a growing industry with a growing job market to match. There are a range of jobs available mainly for engineers, administrators and programmers. From what I have seen and heard most of these jobs have generous salaries and you will have peace of mind knowing that you are contributing to a shift from the burning of fossil fuels. 

Renewable Energy Jobs Here


Become a Entrepreneur

Maybe you have your own ideas about how you can make a living while making the world a better place? Then go for it! Do your own thing, now is the best chance you are ever going to get. Society seems to finally be changing, for the first time ever there are new generations of people who seem to care about the environment on mass. Every Friday there is a growing movement of school children across the world protesting that governments need to change the way their citizens and businesses are acting. Growth for many start-ups in the fields of sustainability and environmentalism is exploding and will continue to do so for years to come. Big business is still slow to adapt not wanting to sacrifice profit for ethics there is never going to be a better time for small eco start-ups than right now.

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