How Best To Look After Pure Natural Soap

How Best To Look After Pure Natural Soap

How Best To Look After Pure Natural Soap

Some Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Natural Soap

Here are some really useful tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your eco friendly natural soap bars, if you look after your natural soap bars better they will last longer, lather easier and clean you more effectively.

Before you use for natural soap

Store your soap in a suitable location

Keep your natural soaps stored in a cool and dry place this will avoid them melting or too much moisture may encourage mould, mould may have a hard time growing on the soap itself but it may grow on the packaging as it is not packaged in plastic. It is also a good idea to keep your soap stored in a place away from any strong odours, this will keep the natural ingredients in your soap smelling as they should.

Whilst using your natural soap

Use a soap dish

Natural soap bars tend to be free from synthetic preservatives and this is true for all the soap available on the Knowledgeiskey store. This means if you want to keep your soap long-lasting whilst it is in use you need to store it properly. Keep your soap on a draining soap dish or a slatted shower shelf so your soap is not left sat in a pool of water. If your soap bar is used multiple times a day as a hand soap or by multiple household members it is especially important that where you store your soap it will be able to drain efficiently, so choose a soap dish with large slats this will allow water to drain quicker and air to circulate around the soap. If you pure soap is only used once a day you could get away with just using a soap dish with thin ridges.

Do not wet your soap before use

Do not wet your soap bar before you use it, I used to be guilty of this but you get much longer out of your natural soap bars if you do not wet them first. Almost every time you use your pure soap, the chances are it already contains enough moisture to rub on your skin, if you are using it as hand soap, it will have been used frequently enough for this and if not then your skin itself probably has enough moisture to lather the soap especially if you are using it in the shower or bath.

Cut your eco soap in half

If your eco soap has got a bit too soft around the edges you will actually get more use out of it by cutting it in half, this will give you a hard edge that will not use up large quantities of soap in one go. It sounds a bit counterintuitive to chop up your soap and give it more surface area but it really helps, especially if your household uses soap very frequently you can alternative between bars using the driest one each time.

Keep your soap away from the shower head

If possible store your soap as far away from the shower head as possible, this will stop the soap getting wet by the shower steam every time the shower is in use, this will result in your soap getting soft and will reduce the life of your soap. If you notice your soap is in any location where it is getting frequently splashed by water it may be a could idea to relocate it, this could be on a sink with a powerful tap, or where water splashes when washing your hands, to name just a couple of examples.


That concludes our tips on how to care for your natural soap, if you do not currently have any natural soap or do not know where to buy it we have some available on our store in a wide variety of scents and they are cheap compare to many other natural soaps available online. We would appreciate the support more than you could imagine. All the soaps on our store are vegan, all natural, fragrance free, plastic free, cruelty free, parabens free and SLS free.

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