How to Turn Soap Bars into Liquid Soap

How to Turn Soap Bars into Liquid Soap

How to Turn Soap Bars into Liquid Soap

You will need

Soap (65 grams)

A Grater (Or Knife)

Boiled Water (16oz - Roughly 2 Cups)

Vegetable Glycerine (1 Tablespoon) - Optional (Helps Moisturise Your Skin)

A mixing bowl and spoon

A Container for your liquid soap

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Grate 65 grams of a hard soap bar of your choice into a mixing bowl

Boil 16oz or 2 cups of water

Add the boiling water to the mixing bowl

Mix the water and soap until it becomes a consistent paste

Optional, Add your Vegetable Glycerine this will act as a moisturiser

Keep mixing until the water cools down

Set aside the mixing bowl for a day, covering it to stop it getting contaminated

Now your mixture should resemble liquid soap but it may be a bit thick

If your liquid soap is too thick just keep adding water and mixing until you get your desired consistency

Your liquid soap is complete so add it to a container of your choice and enjoy!

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