The Best Face Wash Is Natural Soap Here Is Why

The Best Face Wash Is Natural Soap Here Is Why

The Best Face Wash Is Natural Soap Here Is Why

There is a common misconception that you should not use soap on your face because it makes your skin dry and strips the skin on your face of natural oils. Where this is true for many commercially available synthetic soaps, this is not true for natural soap. Most natural soap actually contains a moisturising ingredient and that is true for the soaps we stock here on our Knowledgeiskey store. In fact all our soaps are vegan, with all natural ingredients, fragrance free, plastic free, cruelty free, parabens free and SLS free. Most of our soaps are palm oil free also however for products such as the shampoo and conditioner bars they do contain palm oil but we can assure you that it is ethically sourced. So anyway onwards with why natural, organic soap makes the best face wash.

Natural Soap Contains No Harsh Nasty Chemicals

We only stock the best possible soaps with only natural organic ingredients because we understand it is important what you put on your skin. You may already know that what you put onto your skin actually soaks into your body and some ingredients get stored in your fat cells. So whenever possible it is important that whatever you put on your body is pure, organic and natural. Harsh chemicals normally found in mass produced commercial soaps often include detergents, SLS, alcohol, parabens, sulphates and parabens. The nasty chemicals listed all irritate the skin and the skin on our faces tends to be especially sensitive. Big business knows this and that allows them to sell you over priced facial cleansers and spread the misconception that it is because soap is bad for your skin.

Nasty Ingredients To Look Out For In Commercial Soap

Even if you are not ready to make the switch to natural soap to wash your face here is a list of especially harmful ingredients to avoid in your hygiene products.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate aka SLS, this chemical is used as a cheap lathering agent and detergent, it completely strips skin of natural oil and dries out your skin.

Parabens, a chemical preservative which is proven to be harmful to your skin and the environment, it actually cannot be taken out of water supplies during the waste water purification process so is a big polluter.

Petrochemicals, these are chemicals derived from petroleum they are essentially repurposed waste from the oil industry and this makes them dirt cheap. Though they are cheap they are terrible for the skin.

Synthetic Fragrances sometimes listed are Parfum, these are added to make the product smell nice but are linked to many allergic reactions and can have an effect on hormones. They are also known to aggravate existing skin conditions such as eczema and acne. The synthetic versions are allot cheaper than the natural versions and that is why they tend to be used. You can never really tell what ingredients are in a product with Fragrance or Parfum listed on the ingredients as it can be used as an umbrella term and includes multiple ingredients.

Artificial Colouring or Dye, almost every colour can be achieved with natural ingredients but it is much cheaper to use artificial colourings, these colourings can be harmful and some have been linked to serious conditions such as cancer.

Natural Soap Can Help With Skin Conditions Such As Acne

Many of the ingredients found in mass produced commercial soap above actually aggravate skin conditions. Acne, eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin and dermatitis are all conditions which are created or made worse by the majority of shop bought shower and bathing products. One of the ingredients these products contain is a cheap detergent and lathering agent called SLS or Sodium lauryl sulfate. This strips all the natural oil from your skin which makes your skin more susceptible to allergens and infections. Many people who suffer from these conditions have switched to natural soap and reported amazing results.

With Natural Soap You Can Ditch The Moisturiser

Because natural soap does not contain harmful chemicals it will not dry out the skin on your face or anywhere else on your body, it actually also contains vegetable glycerine which is a moisturiser in itself. Moisturiser is just a way big business takes even more of your hard earned money for you, they control all the brands of washes you commonly find on the shelves which dry out your skin and also own the remedy brands of moisturiser that you do not even need if you do not use their wash products. For extreme skin conditions moisturisers may still be necessary if you do suffer with an extreme skin condition consult your GP before making any changes to your skincare routine.

Natural Soap Is Environmentally Friendly

Natural soap is made from natural ingredients which means that it is far more environmentally friendly that commercial washes. When the natural soap mixes with your bath or shower water and goes down the drains there is no environmental harm caused what so ever. Other widely sold bathing and showering washes contain many harmful chemicals that pollute water supplies and harm wildlife, they even find their way into our drinking water! As mentioned before these products soak through our skin into our body so if you are choosing a face wash it is common sense to choose natural soap that causes no harm right?

Natural Soap Is Made Ethically

We take great care when sourcing our products we sell on the Knowledgeiskey store and we are especially proud of the natural soaps we have for sale. Friendly soap are an ethically responsible supplier and they really care about the impact they have. They list every single of one their ingredients and do their best to attain them all as ethically as possible. All of the natural soap on the store is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Even when the soap arrives to us wholesale it is packed without plastic and wrapped with paper tape. There is no palm oil in the majority of the soaps but where it is absolutely necessary only certified sustainable palm oil is used. That means no further destruction of wilderness depended on as habitat for wildlife such as orangutans.

That concludes why natural soap is the best face wash, if you do not currently have any natural soap or do not know where to buy it we have some available on our store in a wide variety of scents and they are cheap compare to many other natural soaps available online. We would appreciate the support more than you could imagine. All the soaps on our store are vegan, all natural, fragrance free, plastic free, cruelty free, parabens free and SLS free.


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